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At Galino Recovery, we believe that a spiritual experience is imperative to achieving lasting recovery and a happy, content, and sober life. To encourage this experience, we create opportunities for residents to develop and nurture their individual spiritual experience through our structured Therapeutic Treatment Approach. Constantly exposing residents to spiritually-focused activities allows them to develop their own understanding of a Power greater than themselves.

Spiritual-based Group Sessions

Spiritual-based group sessions allow individuals to find meaning in their daily lives and catalyses their return to a strong, healthy mind and body. This type of recovery places emphasis on learning new spiritual disciplines and “connecting the dots” in terms of the journey they are on. 

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals contributes additional support during recovery. Together, the residents can create a calm, caring environment for one another, especially during group sessions and Brain Candy. These practices can improve self-care, coping skills, and create a sacred space for expression.

Like-minded residents supporting one another in a group session

Experiental Therapy

We use experience as a form of expression and communication during recovery since some recovering addicts feel uncomfortable working through their problems in a traditional therapy setting. Experiential therapy takes addiction treatment into the art studio, the outdoors, and more. Experiential therapies make use of hands-on, engaging activities that help recovering addicts to process and cope with the “roots” of their unmet needs, unhealed wounds, and unresolved matters. Experiential therapy uses non-traditional treatment settings to help addicts work through repressed feelings and emotions. 

A hand holding a paint brush to start art during an experiential therapy session

Change Through Movement

The benefits of exercise in terms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health have been lauded for decades. Therefore, exercise, addiction, and recovery are synonymous. As the body adjusts and recalibrates itself to a life without alcohol or drugs, it undergoes numerous changes. 

Galino Recovery believes that the path to complete recovery from addiction requires a whole-body approach. Exercise not only helps physiologically but also assists psychologically as individuals learn to feel good about being productive, accomplishing goals, and empowering themselves with a power-packed, new routine.

A group of residents participating in a movement class

Mindfulness in Therapy

Let’s Rewire the Brain. Mindfulness is cultivated as a way of bringing awareness to group activities and therapeutic interventions in a given moment. It activates parts of the brain that are not normally activated, thereby inducing happiness, and even promoting a sense of wellbeing and creativity. Mindfulness can play a monumental role in addiction recovery. Therefore, at Galino, we use various methods and techniques to create “monumental moments” upon which to stand after discharge.

Instead of simply trying to overcome addiction, the “root causes” thereof are healed. We believe that once this is healed, the “fruits” may show up differently.

A man and woman sitting beside each other on the grass, participating in a mindfulness session

Brain Candy - Our Secret Ingredient

Brain Candy is our “secret ingredient” in the inpatient program and individuals are thoroughly introduced to this new skill, or shall we say “brain-candy”, during their stay. This therapy is based on the principles of recent scientific findings. It also has relaxation as a secondary goal – together with body, mind and soul-wholeness plus energy and a whole lot of integration …

The hands of a resident colouring in a mandala as part of a therapy session
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