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Take Charge of Your Recovery

The Galino House logo depicting a lotus flower - the symbol of regeneration and rebirth
The back garden of Galino House

About Galino House


Set in the beautiful region of the Free State in South Africa, Galino House offers a world-class service to help begin the restorative process.

The facility offers experienced medical care and counselling in a tranquil setting, enhanced by the stunning natural environment and views. World-class medical facilities are on our doorstep if required.

A professional specialised facility with uniquely qualified staff ensures a lasting and profound experience.

We follow a structured program comprising components that address Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit to optimise Recovery and Sobriety

Hand painting in an experiential art therapy session




051 011 7831 |   082 490 0416    |

45 Henry Fagan Street, Heuwelsig, Bloemfontein, 9301

Thank you for your message. The Galino House team will reach back to you as soon as they can.

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"Tears could not stop rolling down my cheeks the day I left. The reason? They were all a very important part of my life, where things drastically changed for the better -788 days CLEAN and serene."


"My time at Galino House was great; there I learned more about myself and how to cope as an addict. I found God and a new family among others just like me."


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